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We are adding infrared imaging to our services at this time. Infrared assists in the discovery not only of poor energy efficiency due to low insulation or poor sealing but also in the discovery of moisture laden areas.

Infrared gives the impression of seeing through solid objects, it does not, but what is seen is the differing temperatures from objects behind walls, ceilings, floors and other areas.

Moisture in these areas is in the process of evaporating so it cools the area and this is what then shows up on the camera as a slightly cooler area. It is important to then verify with a moisture meter. You can see the image that the camera produces from the various temperatures. Someone who understands this is better able to understand what then is going on from the heat signature.

This image is from an the interior side of an exterior door of a home. Notice the range of temperature on the side bar used for this shot. With the indicators from within the software program I am able to set markers at various locations to show those temperatures. Its easy to understand some weather stripping is needed here. The outside temperature was 39 Degrees and the inside was 67.1 degrees.

It usually is not important to set temperature markers when doing a home thermal inspection because we are looking for patterns and shapes. The colors can be easily read as to temperature variation compared to the accompaning thermometer at the side of the picture.

This is a picture of a bedroom floor at an exterior wall. Sill sealing or insulation is needed.